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Disaster Recovery and Corporate Survival

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, companies have been under increasing pressure to improve their disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Data security and recovery is the most important piece of a business continuity plan. Even a local power outage lasting just three or four hours can cause a major disruption, depending on what processes a company uses to save its data. In an industry that’s paying more and more attention to the management of operational risk, it makes good business sense to have a plan in place that protects your data and lays out a roadmap for getting your company up and running again.

Companies are expected to focus on all their critical operations when preparing a business continuity plan, but the preservation of internal data is what inevitably attracts the most attention from investors and management. There are certain basic elements that every data recovery program should have, beginning with offsite storage of all critical information. Large companies generally maintain backup data processing centers that are in close proximity to their primary operations center, and certain core data is stored simultaneously at both locations.

Clearly Connected can architect, implement, and manage all aspects of your company’s critical business continuity planning within the Information Technology arena. Our strategic disaster recovery offerings include:

  • Offsite backup planning and management
  • Offsite time-critical failover services
  • Onsite backup planning and management
  • Business continuity plan architecture, testing, and implementation
  • Post-disaster recovery enablement
  • Data recovery services
  • Systems and infrastructure disaster recovery services

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