Clearly Connected


IT Outsourcing

Clearly Connected outsourcing services is the management of a companies’ applications and information technology (IT) systems. Customers strategically partner with Clearly Connected to manage and operate their applications and IT systems, generally under a mutually beneficial agreement. The outsourcing agreement may include the transfer of IT employees and IT assets to Clearly Connected. Clearly Connected provides service level assurances to ensure quality of service is attained and measured.

Clearly Connected is an industry leader and has deep and broad experience. We know how to play the role of a strategic partner — one that will bring industry thought leadership to the table and proactively contribute to customers’ business and IT strategy. We can leverage world class methods, tools, processes and intellectual capital to create high service levels. Our excellent IT professionals and our ability to leverage intellectual capital has led Clearly Connected to being one of the most respected groups of IT skills in the industry.

Clearly Connected exclusively leverages the local American talent that has made the IT industry the powerhouse that it is, and assures your projects’ timeless, intellectual security, documentation level, and overall quality by employing native experts who both understand Information Technology and your company’s unique needs and business requirements.

Clearly Connected offers the following Strategic Outsourcing Services:

  • Application management services
  • Data center outsourcing services
  • Flexible support options
  • Managed security services
  • Managed storage services
  • Network outsourcing services
  • Workstation management services
  • Output management services

What customer value does Clearly Connected create?

  • Reduces IT costs and improves shareholder value
  • Provides the flexibility to transition and transform to the next generation of infrastructure and applications
  • Lets companies focus on their core competencies
  • Improves service levels
  • Gains access to industry, business and technology experts

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